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I was getting ready to go on a trip or something, and I had to walk back to somebody else's house for a party of some sort. On the way, my companion and I passed a lake, and I threw him in fully clothed. It was a playful thing, and I think there might have been a romantic edge to it. We were holding each other in the water, and a child, well really more of a pre-teen, joined us and was trying to figure out why we were in there fully clothed. I had kick off my left shoe for some reason, and when we got out of the water, I had leeches on the bottom of my foot. They stung so that I couldn't really walk, and I couldn't seem to pick them off. I knew I needed salt to get rid of them, so we got out of the water and went to the party. My companion couldn't carry me, but he let me lean against him so that I could hop.

When we got in the car, there was a skunk in the car. He was long and skinny and smooth, and he kept cuddling up to me, and to my in-laws' dog, who was suddenly there with us. I couldn't get him out of the car, so I spent the whole trip petting him away from my face. He was sweet, but I didn't want him near my face, just in case he would bite.

Once we arrived at the party, I noticed that the leeches had dried up and fallen off my foot. But I had two leeches on my lower leg, now, so I still needed some salt to get rid of them. I sprinkled the salt on my leg, rubbed the area with salt until the leech fell off, then rinsed it with bottled water. I did my foot, too, just to be safe, even though those leeches were gone. Once I was done being pre-occupied with leeches, I noticed that the party was being put on by some kind of cult and someone was performing the "Magical Mr. Mistopheles" song from Cats.
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