juleakab (juleakab) wrote in isleep_idream,

Bike race

Dream: I was entered in a 2000-mile bicycle race with Lance Armstrong. (Although I don't think I would be able to tell Lance Armstrong from Adam in real life, and he was played by a friend of mine for the purposes of this dream.) As the race was about to start, I almost decided not to race, because I became overwhelmed at the prospect of such a long race that I knew I would lose, and let Lance Armstrong go on without me. But, it just didn't feel right waiting by the sidelines and saying goodbye, so I changed my mind and began the race. I kept trying to calculate in my head how long a 2000-mile race would take. I kept getting as far as "1 hour at 2000 mph, 2 hours at 1000 mph, 4 hours at 500 mph", but then something would distract me and I wouldn't finish the calculations. It was a really convoluted race route, and I would stop for way too long after each, short leg of the journey. Every time I got back on my bike to keep going, Lance Armstrong was right there beside me. At first, I figured it was because he was just being nice and wanted to make sure I stayed in long enough to get into the swing of it and finish the race, and that he was so much better than everyone that he would easily take them later. But I gradually realized that he was planning on sticking with me for the entire race. At one strange turn in the race that went underneath a school, I stopped to get my map out and figure out where I was supposed to go next. My mom and brother were there to cheer me on, and they were trying to help me figure out the race route on the little race pamphlet. Lance Armstrong was there, and I realized how completely unprepared I was for this race. He would have studied the map for weeks, and memorized all the turns, and I was ashamed that I was slowing him down so much. I told him to go ahead and go on without me, I was ruining his chance at winning. He told me he was enjoying the company, and didn't really care if he won this race or not. As we started biking away, he told me that if his ex-wife had been more willing to bike with him on occasion, he might still be married today.
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