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cottage fireplace


i was travelling with a group of about 6 people that i don't actually know in real life. we were staying at a hotel somewhere that was japan in my dream but more like the midwestern united states in real life. we piled into 2 cars for a shorter trip somewhere, and the ringleader, a blond guy in his twenties, somehow convinced these cabin people to give us an amazing rate on two cabins for 3 days and 2 nights. (it was 60 dollars per cabin per night.)

i tried to tell the ringleader that he should call back to our original hotel and cancel our reservations for the next two nights, otherwise, the cheap rate was wasted because we would be paying for two hotels. he just scoffed at me and gave me a reason that didn't make sense. i was frustrated with him.

it was cold in the cabin, so i decided to start a fire. there was a fireplace in almost every room, and i eventually found one that was already burning. it was not burning well, however, because it was almost smothered in logs, and other things that looked a bit like logs. i started to pull the fire apart to rebuild it properly, but as i dug down, i began to find body parts in among the logs. as i approached the bottom of the pile, i found an entire arm with a ring on its finger, and i realized that this was a mafia outfit, and i shouldn't mess with their disposal system. so, i rebuilt the fire with all the body parts, making sure to add a lot of smaller wood as well to keep the fire burning. the top of the fire was covered in human heads.

the fire was set up under a pile of kindling and wood that was designed to fall into the fire a little bit at a time as the fire burned down. in this way, the fire would feed itself, and not need as much attention. unfortunately, i had done too good of a job stoking the fire, and the piles of waiting wood started to catch fire as well, and the fire threatened to spread dangerously. i went to check on the fire, and the mafia guy who had rented the cabin to us was there, giving me dirty looks for what i had done to his fire. i moved things around a bit so that the fire wouldn't spread anymore, but it continued to burn extremely hot, and i noticed that all the heads were now skulls. for some reason, this was a very good thing, and i felt safer knowing that the body parts were mostly burned.


-we recently moved in with my in-laws, and my father-in-law heats with a wood stove, so fire-tending has been a common duty over the last month or so for me.
-i am reading a book about the mafia right now.
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