Dan (ex_hellocth126) wrote in isleep_idream,

Harry Potter Car-Crash Action!

I was at a college, quite a few Houghton people (mostly former housemates) were present. Everyone was climbing the stairs in this really big tower... I think it was to go to dinner. A lot of parents in the mix too, including this grotesquely fat man in a suit who described each landing in the staircase as he reached it. I, being contrary and all, was one of the few people headed down. Talked to quite a few people on the way. Apparently, Nate B was dating Cho Chang (yes, the Harry Potter Cho Chang), because she was hanging around outside waiting for him. I tried to convince her to go get ice cream with me, but she ran away.

At this point in time, I decided to go see a movie. I overshot the theatre though, and had to turn around in a parking lot. For some reason, I decided to park and get out of the car for a bit. Don't remember where I went. When I came back, however, I discovered that someone in a little red sports car and piled into the Jeep. The car was gone, but the impact point (driver's side door, headed towards the front) was pretty obvious. The front left tire was somehow dented, but it hadn't gone flat. Grant was there, and was helping me take pictures of the damage for the insurance companies. Amazingly, the Jeep still started, although the engine sounded quite tortured as it turned over. The frame was obviously in trouble though. While mostly pissed, part of me was hoping I could translate this into a new, more fuel-efficient car. At the moment though, my major concern was how I was going to get back to the movie theater, since the road I'd come up on was completely clogged with bumper-to-bumper traffic.
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