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I Sleep, I Dream

Dreaming Dreams

Dreaming dreams
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This is a place for you to share your dreams. Not the, "I dream of a world without war," kind of dreams, but the, "I was running down a dark hallway being chased by bananas with big eyes," kind of dreams.

I am one of those people who dreams very vivid dreams - something I have trained myself to do over the years by actively remembering my dreams when I wake up. I believe that our dreams are our subconscious' way of working through fears and hopes and concerns that our conscious is not yet dealing with. I think it's important to remember your dreams and try to figure out what they mean to you.

I don't personally put a lot of stock in the Freudian, "one symbol always represents the same thing in every dream," form of dream interpretation, but you are welcome to engage in that form of interpretation here if you would like. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but other times, a cigar really ought to be interpreted sexually.

This is also a place for you to practice your dream interpretation skills, if you desire. Feel free to offer your observations on any dreams that are posted here, unless the poster specifically asks for no interpretations. (And please, if someone asks for no interpretations, respect that request.)

When you post your dreams, please try to use the following headings (or something similar), to avoid confusion on the part of those reading who are not involved in your life and might not know where the dream ends and the real life begins:

  • Dream: The actual content of your dream, eg. "I was stranded on a desert island with seven palm trees on it." Remember to include any details that you specifically remember, such as colours, and your emotions towards specific elements, because these are often important to the interpretation of the dream.

  • Background: (optional) If you want to include a brief background about what is going on with your life that might help other people understand the context for the dream, do that here. eg. "I am travelling to Haiti next week, and I have a fear of flying."

  • My Interpretation: (optional) If you think you know what your dream means, or what part of your dream means, share your interpretation here. eg. "I think this means I am afraid of the plane crashing, but I am not sure why there are seven trees."

  • If you do not want anyone else to offer interpretations, please say something along the lines of "No interpretations please" somewhere in your post. Any post without words along these lines will be considered fair game for interpretation. If you really want no comments at all, you may disable comments on your post.

A few additional notes:

Explicit Dreams: If you have a dream that is sexually explicit or graphically violent, you may share it here, but please put your dream behind a cut that warns readers of the general nature of the content. (eg. "Warning: dream involves bestiality.") If you don't know how to make an lj-cut, it is very simple. You just have to put this handy little tag at the beginning of your post: <lj-cut text="Warning: dream contains graphic violence.">. Wasn't that easy? (If you want to be fancy and only put part of your post behind a cut, you can also put </lj-cut> at the end of the section you want cut.)

Prophetic Dreams: While I don't discount the idea of some dreams having an explicit, prophetic meaning, interpretation of dreams as prophecy is outside of the scope of this page. That's all I'm going to say about that.